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Der Verein zur musikalischen & humanistischen Förderung von Kindern  

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2020, april 24th - 26 th                 Information: prize winners concert will be: thirsday, may 14th 2020   7 pm at church

FOREWORD   The idea of ​​a competition came about on the initiative of Simone Anders (Little Opera, Rellingen) & pianist Misa Hasegawa (Japan, Osaka).  Luz Leskowitz (Salzburg soloist), Michael Schopf (MRK), Oliver Schmidt (cantor at the Rellinger Church) and Little Opera e.V. as well as numerous sponsors were immediately ready to put the idea into practice. The desire to give the youngsters a podium as part of the May Festival as well as to get young musicians excited about the renowned festival and classical music is what drives us together to create a fair and motivating competition with sustainable funding that ours Masters & youngsters connect and make their mark: classic is timeless and flourishes even in the digital age. For a future with MUSIC! Sincerely, Simone Anders Musical director of Little Opera e.V.

CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION Category: Starter class (regional) FRIDAY 2020, April  STUDIO STAGE OF THE LITTLE OPERA, the participants are 8-13 years old, have little or no competition experience, leasy/ intermediate level, the program to be performed has a maximum length of 4 minutes, it can be played according to notes, transcriptions are allowed. The following are evaluated: sound, expression, technical skill, stage presence. Allowed are:
Piano, strings, wind instruments, vocals

Category: Master Class (Northern Germany) SATURDAY, April 25th, 2020 RELLINGER KIRCHE & KIRCHENGEMEINDESAAL The participants are 8-20 years old, already have concert or competition experience, the program to be performed has a maximum length of 7 minutes, it should be played by memory (without notes)  , only original works are permitted. The following are evaluated: sound, expression, technical skill, stage presence, musicality. Allowed are:
Piano, strings, wind instruments, vocals & church organ

Category: Hamburg Composers (International) - SUNDAY 04/26/2020 LICHTWARKSAAL HAMBURG The participants are 8-20 years old, the program to be performed has a total length of maximum 10 minutes and consists of works by Brahms, Mendelssohn, Fanny Hensel, Mahler, Hasse, Telemann, C.P.E. Bach. A work by another composer with max. 3 minutes within the program is allowed It should be played (sung) by memory (without notes), only original works are permitted The following are evaluated: sound, expression, technical skill, stage presence, musicality and the epoch-related interpretation A companion is provided on request, allowed are: Piano, strings, vocals, wind instruments

Would you like to participate? You can find an online application form at www.mf-young.de.
Please fill it out and send it off. We look forward to your participation! Piano accompaniment can be provided:
We kindly ask you to submit the music beforehand.
Tickets for the May Festival: MRK Rellingen www.mrk-rellingen.de

1., 2. & 3rd awards as well as certificates and small voucher & material prizes. A 1st prize with distinction (= special prize) is associated with a performance within the May Festival in the Rellingen Church, a concert fee of € 50.00 and a personal meet & greet with the Salzburg soloists and others. Luz Leskowitz & Misa Hasegawa as well as a stage training with Simone Anders and Sabine Maria Schoeneich, Little Opera (60 min), in the category "master class" & "Hamburg composers" additionally with a master class with the Salzburg soloists and others. Luz Leskowitz, Misa Hasegawa, Oliver Schmidt (60 min) as well as a special tour in the composers' quarters (only “Hamburg Composers”). The award winners will be informed of their dates in good time. Depending on availability, Participants with longer journeys (category: Hamburg composers only) will alternatively receive their master class (stage & interpretation with Anders & Schoeneich) on April 26, 2020 and their performance as part of the certificate handover. The participants agree that sound / image / video recordings will be made, they do not derive any claims from them. Own sound / image / video recordings during the scoring games are not permitted. Multiple participation is permitted if this is done with different instruments or different works in the categories “master class” and “Hamburg composer”. If a participant receives several 1st prizes / 1st Awards with distinction, there is only one cash prize or master course, which is determined by the jury. A specialist jury will award the prizes. The jury's decision is final. The judges' decision is final! Jurors have no voting rights for their own students. Please note: The organizers cannot charge any costs, e.g. for travel, overnight stay etc.! The organizers reserve the right to prematurely close the registration, shorten programs or limit participation to one registration if there are more than 60 registrations.

Organizer: Little Opera eV Amselstraße 4 a, 25462 Rellingen in cooperation with the parish of church Rellingen & the MRK (Association for the Promotion of Music at the Rellingen Church) www.mf-young.de REGISTRATION ONLINE Telephone: 04101 / 8055-724 email: info @ mf-young.de   Jurors: Oliver Schmidt, Rellingen Sabine Maria Schoeneich, Rellingen Simone Anders, Pinneberg Heiko Büter, Hamburg Dr. Alexander Odefey, Hamburg Ingo Hufenbach, Greiz / Thüringen Locations: Rellinger Kirche & Kirchengemeindesaal Haupstr. 36 in 25462 Rellingen Lichtwarksaal (composer quarter) Neanderstr. 22 in 20459 Hamburg studio stage of Little Opera Rellinger Str. 26 in 25421 Pinneberg Special prize winner 2019 Lasse Tellkamp, ​​Rellingen Maja Nusseck, Rellingen Rebekka Moosmann, Flensburg Louisa Cordes, Kiel Sponsor MRK Rellingen, Rellinger Kirche, Little Opera Rellingen, composers' quarter Hamburg, CTP Rellingen u. As of December 10, 2019 Subject to change